About Technikum Fototechniczne

Technikum Fototechniczne is a unique vocational secondary school. It is the largest and the oldest school in Poland which educates in the field of photography, graphics, multimedia projects and movie-making. Young people in our school are being prepared to pass external exams both in general education and vocational subjects. Our students reach high academic results due to up to date curriculum and high-end equipment in the studios and laboratories.

The school employs  over 60 fully qualified teachers, including 22 teachers of vocational subjects and provides training for 600 students.

Types of schools in Zespół Szkół Fototechnicznych

Technikum Fototechniczne

Students are graduates of an 8-year primary school. Education in Technikum lasts for 5 years and finishes with Maturity Exam and Vocational Exams. Mathematics and English are taught at extended level. Additional foreign language is German. Vocational skills are developed during practical classes in school studios, darkrooms and computer laboratories, but also during internships in companies.

Szkoła Branżowa

Vocational school that prepares graduates of primary school for the career as photographers. Training takes three years of general education, vocational subjects and internships in branch companies and finishes with a vocational exam.

School base

Good professional preparation is ensured by properly equipped laboratories and school photography studios, enabling contact with modern imaging technologies and good quality analog and digital photographic equipment. The school has 6 photo studios equipped with professional lighting systems, moving backgrounds, blinds, shadowless tables, tripods and light meters. The facility has 8 computer labs (Microsoft PC and Apple) with software for raster and vector graphics processing (Adobe Master Collection), film and sound editing, online multimedia projects, as well as animations and special effects. The development of student interests is supported by a well-equipped school library. Its collections, apart from traditional ones, also contain materials on other information carriers. Sports enthusiasts will also find excellent opportunities to develop physical strength on a modern, multifunctional school playground, in a gymnasium and a gym.