International cooperation

The school belongs to the group of Warsaw leaders in international activities. For our students, cooperation with schools of the European Union plays a big role: it allows them to get to know the culture, history and heritage of other countries better, deepen their general and photography knowledge, raise their social competences and establish interesting personal contacts.

We have implemented numerous international cooperation projects with schools from various European countries (Germany, Austria,Portugal, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine and the Czech Republic):

„A Grasp of Graphics and Visuals”, „Advertising the Self – Marketing Vocational Education in Arts and Design”contemporary imaging techniques – international internship in Spain(Erasmus+ Program)

„3F for Future” and „Digital Photography” (3 editions of the Leonardo da Vinci program)

„The neighbors know each other, so I’ll tell you about Vilnius” (Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange)

„Man in Different Religions” (Youth in Action)

„Health promotion”, „Development of intercultural competences”, „The more we know about ourselves, the stronger our common Europe”. „A Young Portrait of Europe” (4 editions of the Comenius program)

14 projects in the field of vocational education (Polish-German Youth Cooperation).

A special partner of the school in building the European dimension of vocational education is the Zentrum fȕr fotografische Ausbildung from Berlin, with which the school already cooperates for over 20 years.

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Advertising the Self – Marketing Vocational Education in Art and Design

A Grasp of Graphics and Visuals